Our original dances

Want to enjoy dances created by and for dancers of Ohio? Then check out The Swelterin’ Strathspey and The July 28th Jig.

Flying GhilliesThe Swelterin’ Strathspey 3/3L · S32

Devised by: Andy May, Atia Huff, Gary Lindsey, Joyce Lindsey, Patty Lindsay, Nora Kindness, and Lee Fuell.

1–8:  1c+3c DblFig8 around 2c (1c crossing in, 3c cast up)
9–16: 1c+2c+3c set, cross RH ; set, cross LH
17–24: 1c lead down the middle and back, ending with 2c ready for)
25–32: 1c+2c ½Poussette ; 1c+3c ½Poussette

Scottish Country dancingThe July 28th Jig 3/3L · J32

Devised by: Else DeJong, Atia Huff, Stephen Huff, Joyce Lindsey, Patty Lindsay, Nora Kindness, Lee Fuell.

1–8: 1c+2c ½RHA, cross RH ; repeat
9–16: 1c cross RH, cast (2c up) ; turn LH to join RH with 1cnr
17–24: BiL, 1c turn 1¼ LH to join RH with 2cnr ; BiL, 1c turn LH into 2pl in middle and 3c step in
25–32:  1c+3c Poussette.


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