A Centenary Celebration of Scottish Country Dancing: Dayton


A Centenary Celebration of Scottish Country Dancing

Saturday September 30, 2023
Michael Solomon Pavilion
2917 Berkeley Street #3
Dayton Ohio 45409

2-5 pm

Featuring Live Music with Elissa Hock piano and Arthur McNair accordion

Of the band “Highland Square “

Cost $25 ; Light tea provided


Waltz to Iowa warm up waltz
EH3 7AF 32 J 3c RSCDS 40
Flowers of Edinburgh 32 R 3c RSCDS 1
Neidpath Castle 32 S 3c set RSCDS 22
None So Pretty 40 R 3c RSCDS 19
Anna Holden’s Strathspey 32 S 2c RSCDS 42
Farewell to Balfour Road 32 J 5c set RSCDS 52
General Stewarts Reel 32 R 3 c RSCDS 10


Old Man of Storr 32 R 3 c RSCDS for children
The Queen City Salute 32 M RSCDS 37
Ladies Fancy 32 J 2c RSCDS 13
Scott Meikle 32R 4 c RSCDS 46
Gothenburgs Welcome 32 J 3 C RSCDS 37
Rakes of Glasgow 32 S 2 c RSCDS 11
Alan J Smith 32 J 3 c RSCDS 45

Use this link to see the list of dances along with tabs to see cribs, diagrams, and videos when available.


Fun was had by all!

Dayton Centennary dance
Circle four hands round

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