Flying Ghillies

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Flying refers to our home in Dayton, Ohio (“The Birthplace of Aviation”).

The Ghillie is the name of the shoe we wear when dancing.

Established in 2001, we are the Dayton, Ohio “twig” of the Cincinnati Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Like those in our neighboring groups, we are not professional dancers. Just a group of friends that share a love and enthusiasm for Scottish Country Dancing (SCD).

SCD is social dancing and is accomplished in “sets” of couples (normally 4). For those that have never seen this form of dance, it can be loosely compared to square dancing. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

We currently dance on Monday afternoons from 2:30 to 4:30 PM at the Michael Solomon Pavilion, 2917 Berkley St in Kettering.

If you would like to see what we enjoy so much, please take a look at a few videos we have posted on Youtube.